Wi-Fi Networking & Design

In the modern work environment‚ wireless network connectivity is no longer a supplemental luxury of wealthy large corporations‚ but is now considered a necessity. To put it bluntly‚ it’s just flat out expected by both customers as well as employees. It doesn’t just mean less wires as its name suggests. From cell phones and tablets to GPS devices and watches‚ it’s imperative to have a solution in place to satisfy your company’s enterprise–wide Wi–Fi connections.

However‚ the intricacies of managing and securing an enterprise Wi–Fi solution requires particular expertise as well as full–time dedication. This has prevented some companies from implementing Wi–Fi availability due to cost and/or lack of expertise in this area. For others‚ legitimate security concerns that arise from allowing customers access to their network is the reason for not offering wireless connections. SJP Network Solutions offers an affordable and smart way to provide this essential enterprise Wi–Fi capability that cannot be overlooked.

Here’s why you need enterprise Wi–Fi from SJP Network Solutions:

  • We’re on guard for you – We have a cloud environment where our highly trained team manages and monitors your network 24/7 like trained sentries‚ on guard so you don’t have to be.
  • It’s all your brand‚ we’re just behind the scenes – The first thing your guests will see will be a customized splash screen that is branded with your company logo‚ as well as a custom Terms of Use that you set (set standards such as passwords and time limits)‚ and users of the network must agree to the terms which further protects you from any pernicious activity.
  • Separation of concerns – We’ll create a private network for unfettered employee use‚ and a separate‚ more restricted one for customers.
  • Affordable – We can customize to specific requirements and easily scale to any size business.

Contact SJP Network Solutions today and find out how easily and quickly they can have your enterprise Wi–Fi up and operating. It really is a win–win for your business‚ it will keep both your budget as well as your customers happy.

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