What You Need To Know Before You Start A Structured Cable Project

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 9, 2018

With every passing year bandwidth requirements for information technology are increasing, and with these come a pressing need to scale up your network to meet these increasing demands. Scaling projects is a critical balancing act between network protocols, system performance, and overall costs throughout the lifecycle of a network. Since any network is only as good as its underlying infrastructure, a project to upgrade the performance of your data cabling is an integral part of keeping your network up to current standards. However, before you start there are some things you will need to know before you dive in.

What to Know Before You Start Your Project

The first step to a successful data infrastructure upgrade is to determine how many servers and workstations you will need to support. Every company has different requirements and what has worked for the IT planning of another organization may not necessarily work for yours. A firm that handles financial analysis or data science will have very different needs from that of a marketing company or legal office. You need to have specific goals in mind in terms of performance, tolerance, and versatility of the network.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

In order to begin a successful cable project, you must approach it strategically and put it into effect not only to address your current data shortfall but also build infrastructure for future growth. This is where the old proverb of measuring twice and cutting once comes into play because ones all the cables are terminated you are going to be stuck with what you’ve got. Before you unroll that first reel you need to know the regulation standards your municipal government will have you follow, your plans for cloud integration, and the data pipe that will be required to meet your goals today and in the future. Ask yourself where you see your business going in the next ten years, what likely expansion efforts you will pursue, and how much multimedia support you will require.

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