What to consider when choosing antivirus software

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 21, 2018

Computer security is an essential part of our lives, given that we all use personal computers at home or work. Viruses and other malware are the leading threats to computer security and online safety. As such, you need good antivirus software so that you can be assured your business’ hardware and data are safe. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing antivirus software:

Check for all-inclusive packages

In the past, viruses were the biggest threats to computer safety. These days, you need firewall protection, cybercrime immunity, ransomware protection, VPN protection and many more. There have been increased cases of third-party interference in many sites, and you need software that will help you keep all of these threats at bay. Check your software offers comprehensive protection to be safe, as well as extends to mobile devices for remote workers.


Some malware has the power to terminate security programs being executed by your antivirus software.Others might even try to alter its functions entirely and make your computer vulnerable to more malware. Ensure that your chosen software is certified to prevent such invasion completely. It is important to update it from time to time to keep its reliability at the best level as possible.

Effect on your PC’s performance

Antivirus and other security software usually require a significant portion of your computer’s memory and resources to execute some of their functions. Be keen to look for software that will not hinder the smooth operation of the computer. The main effects are usually manifested as long boot timing and scan sessions.

Ease of use

All antivirus software uses unique user interfaces. Some may require a higher level of expertise while others can be monitored by those with basic technical skills. Go for the software that is robust enough to protect your company but is not too complicated for your staff to understand.


Computer software comprises some of the most common technological products used throughout the world. One may seem like a good option, but when you check out the product’s testimonials online, you will see a completely different picture. Always get feedback from those who have used it, particularly companies in a similar industry and with similar needs as you.

Be careful when choosing an antivirus software for your business’ tech as some may not meet the outlined basic requirements for reliable protection. For more advice on the perfect antivirus software for your business, speak to us at SJP Host.

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