Do you know what hotels, condominiums, apartments, home owner’s associations, R/V parks and campsites all have in common? They all need to offer high-speed wireless internet access to their residents and SJP Network Solutions makes it easy. Any multi-tenant configuration located in Okaloosa/Walton County areas of Florida can benefit from our services. We create Wi-Fi hotspots that are ready for you to bring your own device and start surfing the web.  We can provide voucher and payment solutions that are front desk ready.

Wi-Fi hotspot

When you want to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for your apartment community, condos, or campsite, you need to use quality equipment. SJP Network Solutions works with carrier-class broadband radios that are designed for commercial applications as well as indoor and outdoor installations to offer the best reception possible with a large coverage area. The key is knowing where to place the radio and how to properly install it. That’s why SJP Network Solutions clients all over Okaloosa and South Walton County trust their installation team with their multi-tenant internet access needs.

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BYOD: Bring your own device

What type of laptop will be in the next R/V that pulls into your park? Which brand and model video game console will the children bring to your resort? Would you prefer to read your book on your Kindle by the pool or on your laptop in your unit? These are all questions that you don’t have to worry about with SJP Network Solutions multi-tenant internet access. Bring your own device means that any brand, any model, any device – they all work on this network. If your home owner’s association installs a community wide wireless network, you’ll have access with any device from anywhere on the property. That includes relaxing by the pool with your new ereader. Any multi-tenant internet access configuration can be setup with a simple call to SJP Network Solutions, (850) 659-6649.