Improve productivity with a business phone system

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 15, 2018

Any IT manager can tell you that the IT universe is always changing. Professionals find themselves easily divided and pulled in every direction. Choosing the right the resources and technologies can often the most challenging task. Analytics, security, evolving technology, and migrating to the cloud are all typically a top investment, but how about the technology that has a direct impact on the customer?

Simple, consumer-facing technology is usually ignored in favor of technologies that have a more obvious and immediate impact. An easy, open line of communication with customers, however, is often vital for evolving your potential opportunities. The communication experience for your customer should be streamlined to perfection and as user-friendly as possible. This is where VOIP technology becomes your business’s best friend.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows any individual or business to make voice calls over a broadband Internet connection without the use of an analog or “regular” phone line. Moving your phone lines to a digital system offers the assurance that technology can keep up as your business scales. The best part of VoIP is all the additional features or potential features it has over an analog phone line. In fact, your VoIP phone line can be so connected with your phone system that you can conduct your entire business on a digital network with much more ease.

VoIP & productivity

Although the ROI of migrating to VoIP technology won’t be felt immediately, it will pay off in the end. Your staff will no longer need to manage two networks, thus reducing wasted man-hours that could be spent on production. With this additional free time, your entire team will be able to produce more meaningful work that is no longer hindered by a bad phone system.

Along with productivity, your business will save dollars by reducing the cost of leveraging multiple communication systems. This streamlined approach will also raise office morale as it makes the work day go much easier.

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