hosted email services
Email and Hosted Exchange Services

We all know internet connectivity goes down sometimes, but let’s face it, customers are not very forgiving when this happens.  It just plain appears unprofessional when your email server is down, not to mention the loss of productivity that occurs for every minute you don’t have access to email.  So it’s crucial to have a reliable email service with as much security and connectivity as possible.

SJP Network Solutions offers affordable hosted email services that are both solid and secure, which can instantly improve your company’s communication reputation.  We’ll host and manage your fully integrated Microsoft Exchange server in the cloud, where internet outages are greatly reduced.

These are just a few of the many advantages of having SJP Network Solutions provide your hosted email services:

  • The burden of maintaining an email server are offloaded – We take care of all compatibility issues and upgrades, and best of all no need for hardware maintenance for a physical email server.
  • Increased security and communication efficiency – We provide SSL encryption and all communications must pass our anti-spam and anti-virus scans.
  • Easy integration – The hosted Exchange server easily integrates with Skype for Business, allowing instant messaging and video calling. It also effortlessly syncs with Outlook web and mobile devices, shared calendars, global address lists and tasks.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to hosted email services, but one thing that sets SJP apart is the way we seamlessly handle the issue of scalability.  Whatever the size of your company, we make sure you’ll always receive the high business-quality services on which you’ve come to depend.  And as your business grows and you continually add more users to your network, our hosted email services become even more valuable while there are no additional implementation headaches for you.  Contact SJP Network Solutions now to get your hosted email Exchange server configured and keep your company at optimal communication efficiency.