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Managed Cloud Backup

When it comes to business, there are few things more important than the information you keep on your computers. From client lists to billing information, the beating heart of your business is on your computer. Data loss can cause you to lose valuable product information, clients, money, and a large enough loss of data can put your entire business in jeopardy.

Don’t risk your business – let SJP Network Solutions keep it sound and secure with our Cloud Backup Services!

Unlimited Storage Space

Whether you’re a growing business or a massive enterprise, we can meet your storage needs. Our Cloud Backup services offer unlimited space, so you never have to pick and choose what to save. Instead, back up your entire business to the cloud, and never worry about losing information again.

Simple to Use

There’s nothing complicated about our cloud backup services. You don’t need to follow any complicated steps. We get rid of extra complication to assure you a stress-free backup experience.

Continual Backup

With SJP, your computers will be backed up continuously. No need to worry about losing something that wasn’t backed up an hour ago – your information is backed up in real time.


The software we use to create your backups also optimizes your internet connection to ensure internet speed never suffers. Our software won’t slow down your computer – you won’t even notice it’s there.

Track Your Computer

Data loss comes in all shapes and sizes. Often it comes in the form of equipment failure, but computers can also be physically lost or stolen. We can help you prevent this kind of data loss, too – with the tracking services included with our cloud backup. If your computer is lost, we can track it for you.

Restore in A Snap

If you lose data, you can select which files you need, or just download all your info at once, to any computer for free. It’s as simple as a few clicks, and you’ll have the information you need in seconds.

Keep Your Files Safe with SJP Cloud Backup

These are just a few of the features our cloud backup services provide. We guarantee consistent, reliable service, ironclad security, and as much storage space as you could possibly need – all at prices that won’t break the bank. We work hard to make sure your business has the service it needs.

There’s no safer hands to put your business in than ours. Contact us today to learn more!