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Why Your Small Business Needs VoIP

Posted by Spencer Pous | July 29, 2019

Beyond long distance savings, VoIP setups often include features such as voicemail and call forwarding, at no extra charge. Other useful features could include call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and call recording.

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Avoiding Growing Pains — Tech Tips for a Thriving Business

Posted by Alex Jordan | July 16, 2019

Maybe you started your business in a basement or home office. It was just you at the beginning. Then, your service or product gained traction. The number of staff grew, and you moved into an office. It’s amazing how far you’ve come. Better still, your business continues to grow. It may be time to consider some of these tech tips to help your thriving business.

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Are You Sick of Ongoing IT Issues?

Posted by Spencer Pous | July 4, 2019

If you’re sick of ongoing issues with your IT, look to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for help. There are many IT ailments that can negatively impact your ability to do work. Let’s consider some of the particularly common ones, and why an MSP is the right prescription.

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Immediate Business Answers with Instant Messenger

Posted by Darrell Karp | June 24, 2019

Don’t confuse this solution with the old AOL or MSN Instant messenger. Instant messaging (IM) for business takes group communication and collaboration up a notch.

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Building a Good Relationship with your Managed Service Provider

Posted by Alex Jordan | June 13, 2019

Good relationships are essential to your business success. Connections with customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, and service providers impact your bottom line. Here’s how to develop a strong relationship with your Managed Service Provider (MSP).

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Loving your External Hard Drive

Posted by Spencer Pous | June 7, 2019

External hard drives free up storage, offer portability, and provide a lifeline in case of computer
disaster. It pays to take good care of these compact, convenient devices. Here are some helpful strategies.

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Stop the Inbox Insanity: Tips for Better Email Management

Posted by Spencer Pous | June 4, 2019

Email is a powerful tool. But its help with doing business ever faster creates added business pressure. Consider these five strategies for better email management.

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MSP Facts: Common Managed Service Myths – Busted

Posted by Darrell Karp | May 29, 2019

Managed Service Providers are not stuff of legend like Minotaur’s and Unicorns. Yet there are many common myths around managed services. These can cloud understanding of a MSP’s true value. Consider the facts to decide whether partnering with a third-party IT vendor is right for you.

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What Happens to Your Data When You Die?

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 24, 2019

Many of us never think “what will happen to my data after I die?” Do you want it deleted? Are there digital assets you want to share? Perhaps there is tangible value attached to some of your digital assets. At the very least, some photos and videos that may have sentimental value for those who survive you.

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3 Steps to Securing Cloud Data

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 20, 2019

Businesses are no longer confusing “the cloud” with those puffy white things in the sky. For many, the cloud is a backbone business tool. Yet, some worry about storing their data on the Internet using cloud technologies. Consider these approaches to boost business confidence in cloud data security.

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Protecting Your Customers and Your Business Too

Posted by Spencer Pous | May 14, 2019

Major data leaks are in mainstream news on a near-daily basis and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of customers are impacted every time they happen. Our number one goal is to make sure our businesses are kept out of danger.

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What is the Best Way to Backup?

Posted by Darrell Karp | May 10, 2019

“That will never happen to me.” We get through our lives telling ourselves the worst won’t happen to us. It’s the same with business: “We won’t need this data backup.” Yet, whatever your industry, secure, reliable backup ensures business as usual. So, what’s the best way to backup? Here’s help.

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Keeping Control of Your Business with Office 365

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 6, 2019

Built with the cloud in mind, Office 365 allows you to access and modify your documents from any computer, tablet, or smartphone worldwide. These same cloud capabilities bring benefits to collaboration too. Groups and teams can work on a single document or group of files at the same time to maximize productivity and save time ahead of tight deadlines.

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Cloud Storage or Local Server – The Best of Both

Posted by Spencer Pous | May 1, 2019

Cloud computing is the biggest buzzword in business today, and for good reason too. The cloud provides many a new-found freedom to do and achieve more than ever before. Greater collaboration, unlocking work possibilities in new locations and often reducing costs provides a healthy boost for many companies.

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OK Google, How Safe Are You Really?

Posted by Spencer Pous | April 26, 2019

Smart home assistants search online, start phone calls, order groceries, play music, turn lights on. All with a single spoken command. Yet, the question remains, just how safe are these virtual assistants? After all, having a smart speaker in your home means there is always an open microphone in your house.

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IT Problems Your Managed Service Provider Can Solve

Posted by Darrell Karp | April 23, 2019

Like a mountain guide, your managed service provider gives you a detailed route that will help your business climb to new heights. The secret to a great business is avoiding the pitfalls, dead-ends, and traps inherent in bad IT.

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Can Private Browsing Protect You Online?

Posted by Alex Jordan | April 18, 2019

The recent Facebook privacy scandal made that abundantly clear, with users shocked at how much information had been recorded about them. While it’s almost impossible to enjoy the internet and leave zero digital footprints, there are things you can do to hide your online activities – some more effective than others.

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Should You Repair, Upgrade, or Replace Your Computer?

Posted by Spencer Pous | October 26, 2018

Like many valuable things we buy, new computers suffer from wear and tear over time.  Our computers are particularly vulnerable as we have placed more and more demands on them every year.

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Why 2-Factor Authentication is Important

Posted by Spencer Pous | October 22, 2018

2-factor authentication is absolutely crucial for online banking, email, and online shopping such as Amazon or PayPal. It’s also a must-have for cloud storage accounts (like Dropbox or Sync), password managers, communications apps, and productivity apps.

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5 Ways to Extend Your Phone’s Battery

Posted by Darrell Karp | October 16, 2018

In our busy lives, we aren’t always near an outlet and don’t always have a phone charger ready. If our phones die, we risk missing out on important notifications and being unable to easily communicate with others. So what strategies can we use to extend our battery life?

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Is Your Business Ready for Business-Grade Wi-Fi?

Posted by Alex Jordan | October 8, 2018

As companies grow, there becomes a tipping point where business-grade is necessary. So how do you know if your business is ready for business-grade Wi-Fi? Ask yourself these questions to find out.

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Struggling with Email Overload?

Posted by Spencer Pous | October 2, 2018

At this point, it feels like you’re wasting your entire day dealing with those incoming messages. You can quickly become overloaded with emails. So how can we deal with this overload?

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Is A Slow Network Getting in The Way of Your Business?

Posted by Spencer Pous | September 24, 2018

Depending on your IT setup files can pour over the network with the ferocity of a fire hose, or trickle between machines as if dripping through a drinking straw.  Poor network speeds are often a critical bottleneck that slows down the entire IT system.

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How to Securely Dispose of Old Computers

Posted by Alex Jordan | September 18, 2018

A 2016 experiment proved just how dangerous the situation can be when they bought 200 used hard drives and found 67% held unwiped, unencrypted sensitive data, including sales projection spreadsheets, CRM records, and product inventories.

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4 Ways to Avoid IT Downtime

Posted by Darrell Karp | September 12, 2018

Technology lets you compete with big business and connect with customers from far away, boost productivity and efficiency like never before, and even added multiple zeros to your bottom line. IT is a necessity. Unfortunately, this means when downtime inevitably hits, you’ve got a BIG problem.

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The Best Way to Buy New Computers

Posted by Alex Jordan | September 3, 2018

Most people pop out to their local retail store and look at the display models, then get overwhelmed when the salesperson starts throwing words like CPU and RAM around. Unfortunately, that scenario almost always ends up with your business having the wrong computer. Here’s why, and what you should do instead.

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It’s Official: Your Business NEEDS to Use HTTPS

Posted by Spencer Pous | August 24, 2018

As of July 2018, Google will mark your page as insecure unless you’re using https. Without https protection, someone with access to your internet connection, whether from digital eavesdropping or hacking, could intercept the information.

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Can Private Browsing Protect You Online?

Posted by Spencer Pous | August 15, 2018

Maintaining your privacy while using the internet has become more challenging over the years. While it’s almost impossible to enjoy the internet and leave zero digital footprints, there are things you can do to hide your online activities – some more effective than others.

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6 Clear Reasons to Switch Your Application to Cloud

Posted by Darrell Karp | August 7, 2018

Has your business embraced the cloud yet? As we move closer to 2019, it’s estimated that approximately 83% of business traffic will involve cloud applications – a trend driven largely by smart decision making.

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5 Tech Travel Tips You Can Use

Posted by Spencer Pous | August 2, 2018

Travelling soon? For most people, this also means making sure your tech is packed and ready for the adventure. Smartphones, ebook readers, tablets, laptops and smart watches are now so light and portable that you’d never think of leaving them behind, plus they can add a ton of value your experience.

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Is it Time to Retire That Program? Here’s How to Tell for Sure

Posted by Alex Jordan | July 30, 2018

Your business has likely been using the same set of applications for some time. Perhaps since the day you started, a long time ago. While you’ve been replacing computers and devices regularly to maintain your competitive advantage, the standard installation has remained largely the same.

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How to Get the Right Tech for Your New Business

Posted by Darrell Karp | July 23, 2018

Congratulations on your new business! The latest tech is dangled in front of you with amazing features you didn’t know you needed, and suddenly your budget has gone boom! Here’s how to get the tech right for your business, without the headache and drama.


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Outsourcing vs Managed IT – What’s the Difference?

Posted by Spencer Pous | July 17, 2018

Outsourcing has become a dirty word. It implies you’re taking jobs offshore or giving up oversight over a key part of your business. Managed Services is the complete opposite of that, yet it’s often put under the same umbrella, despite being a local solution.

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Should You Pay for a Ransomware Attack?

Posted by Spencer Pous | July 9, 2018

Getting hit with a ransomware attack is never fun, your files get encrypted by cyber criminals and you’re left having to decide: should we pay to get them back? It’s a scene that’s played out across the world with 70% of businesses saying ‘yes’ in 2016 alone.

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Why Your Business Needs Unified Threat Management

Posted by Darrell Karp | July 3, 2018

With the increasing number of connected devices in your business network and the different ways your employees now connect, it’s more important than ever to set up dedicated security systems that give integrated protection. UTM is a series of solutions that work together, simultaneously layering your protection across the board.

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Should You Let an Amateur Loose on Your Network

Posted by Alex Jordan | June 26, 2018

It’s fair to say almost all workplaces have that employee who can finesse the printer or use shortcuts nobody else knows about. They have skills, absolutely, but they often know just enough to be dangerous to your business.

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Why Periodic Security Assessments Should Be Your New Normal

Posted by Darrell Karp | June 18, 2018

By now you know that building up your cyber security is just as important as building up your cash flow. Both are essential to your success, but while most businesses keep an eye on the financials, they tend to think cyber-security is something they can set and forget.

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How To Survive A Hard Drive Crash: What You Can Do Today

Posted by Spencer Pous | June 12, 2018

If you’ve ever lost your data or had your computer stolen, you know the panic and rage that follows…turning the house upside down, hoping desperately to find that USB stick that maybe your data was copied to, once upon a time…before collapsing onto the couch as it sinks in: there’s nothing left.

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The True & Unexpected Costs Of Being Hacked

Posted by Darrell Karp | June 4, 2018

There are the normal costs everyone associates with a breach, like getting your own server and computers fixed up, with maybe a little downtime. But really, most businesses view the possibility of getting hacked as more of an inconvenience than a bottom-line cost.

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Why Do Computers Break?

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 29, 2018

We know computers always break at the worst possible time, but what exactly prompts that failure? It’s easy to think it was something you did since you were using it at the time, but while your online gaming frenzy might cause a temporary crash, normal user actions are rarely the cause of a broken computer.

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Fake Invoice Attacks Are On The Rise – Here’s How To Spot (And Beat) Them

Posted by Spencer Pous | May 21, 2018

Businesses around the world are being struck with a cyber-attack that sends victims a fake invoice that looks real enough to fool to most employees. It’s an old scam that used to see bills faxed or mailed in, but it’s made its way into the digital world and instances are on the rise.

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How Refurbished Computers Save You A Bunch (And Get You A Better System)

Posted by Darrell Karp | May 15, 2018

There’s one hot tip these people know: a refurb is NOT the same as used. You’re right to avoid those 2nd hand computers you see on Craigslist or Gumtree because there’s a reason that person is selling it!

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11 Reasons To Upgrade To Office 365 Today

Posted by Spencer Pous | May 11, 2018

With Office 365, it seems common sense has finally prevailed, giving business the changes, they actually want. It’s still Office, and your staff will still know exactly how to work it, but they’ll get so much more done.

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What You Need To Know Before You Start A Structured Cable Project

Posted by Alex Jordan | May 9, 2018

With every passing year bandwidth requirements for information technology are increasing, and with these come a pressing need to scale up your network to meet these increasing demands. Scaling projects is a critical balancing act between network protocols, system performance, and overall costs throughout the lifecycle of a network.

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3 Internet Habits To Keep Kids Smart and Safe

Posted by Spencer Pous | May 7, 2018

How can you make the internet a safer place for your children? It’s a common concern as all parents want their kids to be protected and happy whenever they go online.

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The Importance Of Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans For Small Businesses

Posted by Darrell Karp | May 4, 2018

Data loss is risky and expensive for small businesses, with downtime costing an average of $9,000 per minute. Many small businesses do not think ahead for data recovery and this makes them an easier target for cyber-attacks.

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3 Essential Steps Before You Fire An Employee

Posted by Spencer Pous | May 1, 2018

Your employees need access to your various business accounts so they can do their job, but what happens to those passwords when you fire them? Nobody likes to think of firing their employees, or why you’d need to, but nonetheless, it’s a responsibility every business owner must face at some point.

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4 Advantages Of Managed IT Over In-House IT

Posted by Darrell Karp | April 24, 2018

It’s tempting to hire an in-house IT technician to take care of your network and set them up with a cozy office just down the hall, but is it the right decision for your business? If you’re like most businesses, you’re always on the lookout for ways to save money while improving results.

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Hidden Advantages Of Managed IT Services For Computer Repair

Posted by Alex Jordan | April 19, 2018

Sooner or later it happens to everyone. The screen goes black, the PC refuses to boot, or you get the dreaded blue screen of death. If you are in a business that doesn’t have a dedicated IT department you find yourself going straight to Google to find a solution.

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Improve Your Small Business Cyber Security With These Tips

Posted by Spencer Pous | April 13, 2018
Improve your small business cyber security

A recent study by Manta revealed that well over 80% of small business owners do not think their businesses are at risk of being hacked. On the contrary, one in two small businesses experiences a cyber attack at some point. Setting up your small business cybersecurity is crucial.

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